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10 Reasons Vers Men Make the Best Boyfriends

As I through Grindr, I’m always surprised when I see profiles of people that are specifically looking for “Bottoms Only” or “Tops Only”. Its confusing. Do these men believe that a guy who’s versatile can’t satisfy them. Or what makes them believe that someone who exclusively bottoms is better than a man who bottoms 75% of the time?

Because I’ve seen this influx of vers hate on gay sex and dating apps, I’m here to give you 10 reasons why vers man make the best damn boyfriends.

1.  They’re open to new experiences

They don’t like doing the same thing every, single time (both in and out of the bedroom). Your relationship will never grow boring with a vers man.

2. They’re better at sex

To me, this seems so obvious, yet it’s definitely worth mentioning. Versatile men understand both the physical mechanics as well as the differences in vulnerability between topping and bottoming. This make them better at sex.

3. They’re less consumed with notions of masculinity

They’re this idea in certain cultures, and among certain groups of men, that tops aren’t gay. If you’re the top (“activo”, or the one receiving blowjobs from guys) as opposed to being the bottom (pasivo,” or the one giving blowjobs), you’re not gay, you’re just being a “mainly man.” I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re getting your D sucked daily by different dudes, you’re probbbabbbbllllyyyy not straight. I feel like many TOTAL tops are still obsessed with masculinity and have some weird internalized homophobia or sex negativity they need to deal with. (Obviously this isn’t all of total tops, but this has been my experience with many of total tops I’ve met.) Vers men aren’t like that. They just get it: you can act as a top, you can act as bottom, you can act however the hell you want cause…why not??

4. They make sex more readily available

He hasn’t cleaned? No worry, he can top! You’re not in the mood to bottom? Then he can bottom! (This only works, though, if both of you are versatile!)

5. They have a better understanding of relationship dynamics

Power dynamics manifest themselves in every relationship, whether we like it or not. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, versatile men acknowledge their existence, and use them to strengthen their relationship, as opposed to underhandedly manipulate their partner.

6. They’re not as stubborn and are more easygoing

Have you noticed how guys who are exclusively tops or bottoms are just stubborn? They’re not nearly as easy going as vers men. They’re set in their ways and that’s the end of that!

7. They’re a level of sexual empathy that bonds him with you

It’s a totally different experience topping and bottoming. Anyone who says otherwise clearly hasn’t had enough experience with both. A versatile man, having both topped and bottomed on repeated occasions, has sexual empathy for the other person. I believe this further bonds him with his partner.

8. They prioritize pleasure

While they prioritize pleasure, it’s not in a purely hedonic way. They understand the complexities of pleasure, and how it can be a very fulfilling component to well-rounded life.

9. They make having threesomes easier

If you’re one of the many couples out there who like to fool around with other man, it make finding a third a hell of a lot easier. No matter who the guy is, you all can play together.

10. They’re not pretending to be anything they’re not

Still, still in 2018, gay/bi men feel the need to classify themselves. To put themselves into a box with a strict label. Versatile men don’t let it consume them. This speaks volume to a man’s character.



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