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10 Technologies We Will See In 2015

1. Delivery Drones


Look out Postal Service! There’s a new courier in town. Drones will eventually take over our skies and the Federal Aviation Administration is already working with the brightest engineers and transportation experts to develop a technique of introducing drones to our skies. This revolution will mean very quick delivery times at very low costs!

2. Driver-Less Car


Cars without human drivers are coming and coming to you very soon. If you live in England then you might see them sooner than most places and that is because of certain cities taking initiative and developing their transportation networks so that it will be easier for driver-less cars to adapt. One tip: Don’t be afraid when you see an empty car rolling around the road. Although these cars don’t have a driver the technology behind them is so accurate that these cars are expected to be much safer.

3. Smart Home


Homes will never be the same again! Eventually you’ll be able to talk to your home like in your favorite sci-fi movie, but this year will be the year where homes are almost fully equipped with appliances and gadgets that know what time you wake up and what the temperature needs to be in your house at a certain time.

4. Augmented Reality


It may not be Google Glass that will catch fire this year, but many other large companies are spending tons of money to take over this industry. Soon it wont be weird to see people interacting with their gadgets as they move freely through the crowded streets of New York never having to look down.

5. Virtual Reality


This technology will change gaming as we see it forever! Pretty soon you’ll be able to put on a pair of goggles and enter an entirely different world. You could even design your own world and experience it! Think of Elder Scrolls, but imagine you’re there with no TV to look at.

6. 4K TV


Forget about the TV you have now and plan to get a 4K TV for Christmas. This new technology will change the way we see pictures and improve the moments in our lives when we are being lazy, watching sports, or just zoning out to those truck or puppy commercials. 4k TVs will deliver 4000 pixels.

7. Mobile Payments


Time to get rid of that bulky, leather card casket in your back pocket. With the introduction of Apple Pay we are moving into a world where almost everything will be able to be paid for with your mobile phone. Starbucks already has introduced their option to pay using your Starbucks app, now who’s next?

8. Lithium Air Battery


We are moving towards a day where the current battery size in an electric vehicle will store about three times more energy than it currently does. This will result in a large shift of focus for Auto manufacturers from gas powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles.

9. 3D Printing


You may have seen 3D printing all around the news and Youtube, but have you seen it in person. That should change this year. 3D printing is becoming easier and more accessible than ever for the average consumer. You can find personal 3D printing machines for sale online and soon may even see them in some retail stores.

10. Smart Watches


Get ready for the year of smart watches. With Apple planning a smart watch, who knows what other companies will follow them into this new and exciting industry that will offer you the ability to check your vitals, text messages, and contact people through your smart watch.




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