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15 Adorable Traits of Welsh Corgis

15. So Warm


Welsh Corgis show a deeply personal warmth towards others, no matter what the species. If they can be this tolerant and loving towards species different than they are, why can’t we — as the human race — be the same?

14. So Distinguished


Few dogs look as distinguished and courtly as a Welsh Corgi can. There is a reason why they are heavily favored by royalty in England.

13. So Energetic


Make sure you’re in good shape, because playing with a Welsh Corgi can exhaust you sometimes since they are amongst the most energetic dog breeds around.

12. So Funny


Welsh Corgis just love to ham it up and steal the comic spotlight from their owners.

11. So Curious


Welsh Corgis love to experience new things, even if it means that your nightstand table or fuzzy slipper has been designated as a gourmet chew toy.

10. So Full of Wonder

Full of Wonder

Welsh Corgis just love to discover and explore their surroundings. They possess a genuine sense of wonderment and delight that can put other breeds to shame.

9. So Patriotic


Few dogs are as patriotic to their home country as a Welsh Corgi. Wear the Union Jack with pride!

8. So Loyal


Of the many varieties of pets from the animal kingdom, none are as loyal as dogs. Welsh Corgis are especially loyal to their masters and mistresses.

7. So Lovable


Who can resist such a cute, happy face? That’s a good boy, yes he is!

6. So Playful



Welsh Corgis are especially playful, particularly with props and toys. I love such inventiveness!

5. So Friendly


I have yet to meet a Welsh Corgi that isn’t eager to meet you. I love friendly doggies!

4. So Mindful


Welsh Corgis often take time out of their day to be mindful of their surroundings. Considering some humans barely pay attention to what’s happening around them, this is amazing.

3. So Happy


One thing I’ve noticed about Welsh Corgis is that they often are smiling and filled with inner joy. I wish I could have such happiness and inner peace myself.

2. So Adorable


Their smaller stature and astonishingly cute faces make Welsh Corgis irresistible to dog lovers worldwide.

1. So Huggable


There’s no feeling like cuddling and hugging your favorite dog, especially the cuddly Welsh Corgi. Two are even better than one.



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