These Russian cadets are in big trouble for losing their clothes and twerking in sexy-scandalous vid


And now for a bit of scandal.

Some particularly sprightly cadets at the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA) are under fire this week, after a frisky YouTube video was discovered.

It featuring thee cadets dressed in cheeky briefs, leather accoutrements, and kicky cadet caps.

Indeed, they all twerk and generally shake their stuff to Benny Benassi’s vocoder-lovin’ stomper “Satisfaction.” And much like Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope or Janet Jackson’s “When I Think Of You” vid, it all appears to have been filmed in one long take. They obviously put their hearts and souls into it.

We were wholly committed to sharing the video with you after viewing it ourselves, but in the middle of writing this post, it was unceremoniously yanked down and replaced with a significantly less satisfying page that strongly suggests YouTube is very mad at us:

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