Instagram star Troy opens up about the pair's relationship in Attitude's September Style issue.

When British-born model Zander Hodgson decided to come out publicly earlier this year, it wasn’t just his life that was set to change: His boyfriend Troy Pes suddenly found his relationship thrust into the media spotlight, as the couple officially acknowledged their relationship on social media for the first time.

For Troy, a fellow Instagram star with almost 400,000 followers, Zander’s announcement enabled him to proudly showcase his life as a gay man like never before.

But as the 27-year-old explains in Attitude’s September Style issue – available to download and order globally now – he never put pressure on his partner to come out before he was ready.

As Troy and Zander pose together for a steamy, intimate new shoot, Troy tells us: “It took [Zander] a good amount of time to decide he was going to do it, which is important — everybody has to take time to think about these things and how it’s going to work for them.

Zander Hodgson and Troy Pes, shot by Stephen Maycock exclusively for Attitude’s September Style issue

“I would never force anybody to do anything; Zander asked me whether I thought he should do it, and I was quite supportive when he needed it, but I would never push him into it.

“You have to let people be themselves. But when he wanted to do it, I suggested looking at YouTube videos and not making a big deal out of it. We recorded the video together.”

Photography: Stephen Maycock

The 27-year-old continues: “It’s so funny because even with photos of Zander and me kissing or being very close, you still get comments such as: “Are you gay?” and “I didn’t know you were gay.” That’s when you realise that one action is not enough. A lot of people don’t get it the first time.”

Check out Troy and Zander get steamy behind the scenes of their Attitude shoot below:

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