Shinta Japanese BBQ

Shinta Japanese BBQ is the first AYCE restaurant in Toronto to offer premium Wagyu beef including Kagoshima Japanese A5.

Shinta Japanese BBQ

280 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill


Though the A5 isn’t technically included in the flat price of the AYCE menu, plenty of other tender and tasty cuts of beef and pork are, as well as an extensive range of seafood and veggies.

Of course there are grills at every table, innovative because there’s no vacuum above; hot air is actually sucked back down into the grill. The sides are always cool to the touch, and there are automated fire safety nozzles at each station.

Fried takoyaki are an especially addictive selection from the appetizer menu, not too large or greasy.

The regular AYCE menu without Wagyu is $31.99, $34.99 on weekends. Although there’s no Wagyu on it, there are still prime cuts of pork and beef like thin-cut beef tongue with a garlicky marinade.

Seafood marinades impress equally, peppery garlic shrimps and miso-marinated salmon.

These you have to pay a little more attention to while cooking, especially the delicate salmon which can burn easily, but it’s flaky, soft and rich.

There are limited offer items in nearly every section like a New Zealand lamb rack seasoned western-style with thyme, rosemary, lemon, salt and pepper. These take a while to cook.

Wagyu AYCE is $69.99, $71.99 on weekends, and includes beautiful cuts of Australian sirloin steak and US brisket short rib, some dressed simply with a bit of infused soy and/or sesame.

An “extra order” box at the bottom of the menu contains prime cuts for an extra charge, including US Wagyu ($20 for 200g) and Australian Wagyu with a grade of M6 or higher ($20 for 200g).

Kagoshima Japanese A5 ($90 for a 300g extra order) is the crown jewel of this place. Kagoshima is especially known for producing high-quality cattle with this special intense intramuscular marbling due to the climate, and A5 is the highest rating given to Japanese beef.

It’s completely different from any other cut here, melt-in-your-mouth fatty and so heavy only four pieces are presented per portion.

This cut is best with a light dunk in soy, but others are good as the protein in your typical BBQ lettuce wrap with side orders of lettuce and soy pickled jalapeno and garlic.

There are also veggies like enoki mushrooms, okra, taro and corn.

Non-alcoholic drinks (surprisingly refreshing with the overwhelming beef) hover around $5 – $6, including super fruits tea and passionfruit green tea.

The restaurant feels luxe, light and spacious with several separate dining areas and organic detailing on the ceiling.

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