The social media giant has issued an apology for blocking the LGBT-themed ads.

Facebook has apologised for blocking advertisements featuring LGBT content.

A report by The Washington Post revealed that the social media giant had blocked adverts which Facebook deemed political despite none of the ads containing any advocacy or political views.

Some of the ads blocked included a gay fairy tale cabaret in Las Vegas, a Spanish-language social group for Latino men and senior-friendly housing options from a Texas nonprofit group.

The ads have been blocked under a new policy which requires background checks before political ads can be shared.

Speaking to The Washington Post, David Kilmnick, the Chief Executive of the LGBT Network, revealed that around 15 of the company’s ads had been blocked.

He said: “We were completely targeted simply because we were LGBT for what we’re advertising – ads that promote our programs that help support the community and celebrate pride. There’s nothing political about that.”

Thomas Garguilo, who runs a page about the history of the Stonewall Inn, revealed he stopped using the words “LGBT” and “gay” in his ads after many of them became blocked.

Facebook has since issued an apology but claimed the ads were blocked mistakenly. Spokesperson Devon Kearns told The Washington Post: “The ones that were incorrectly labelled have been removed from the archive and we apologise for the error.

“We do not consider all ads that relate to LGBT under this policy, but rather only those that advocate for various policies or political positions, which several of these ads do.”


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