How to Combat the Pressure to Be ‘Sexy’ This Halloween

Be you—even when you’re dressed as someone else.

Halloween for the gay community has evolved into a super-sexualized fun zone where colored speedos and/or panties qualify as a costume. While the “fun zone” part of Halloween sounds exhilarating and great, for some people, the “super-sexualized” part is a major turn-off.

Whether you want to bare it all this Halloween, or step out in a full-bodied onesie with a mask, we want to make sure you’re comfortable and confident. And while the pressure to be “sexy” is real, we’re here to give you a couple tips on how to feel sexy, no matter the amount of clothes you have on.

Remember, your interests are other peoples’ interests.

Attracting someone with your body isn’t the only way to attract someone. Being something for Halloween that you love instantly makes way not only for strangers to approach you, but also for you to approach strangers. “You love the thing I love? No way!” It’s the icebreaker of all icebreakers and gives you a common connection with another person right off that bat.

Don’t be intimidated by the original.

You should never feel like your body should fit into someone else’s norm. If you want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, but aren’t comfortable pulling off the costume, modify it to fit your body. When you think about it, Halloween is a time for creativity and craft. Let your imagination run wild! Those body-conscious modifications you make to a costume will be praised for originality and ingenuity. Promise.

Halloween is about so many more adjectives than “sexy.”

Halloween is about being someone else. Someone that’s scary, funny, fantastical, gory, whimsy, niche, quirky, seductive, daring, dangerous, irreverent, topical, foreboding, horrifying, amusing, witty, smart, crafty, draggy, other-worldly and yes, sometimes sexy (but not always).

Be you—even though you’re dressed as someone else.

Yes, I get you’re being someone else, but don’t actually BE someone else. In general, you should never compromise who you are or feel pressured, but especially don’t feel pressured on a night that’s about having fun!

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