13 Costume Ideas That Are Mostly Just a Simple Speedo

You can totally slay Halloween with very little creativity, very little clothing, and very little accessorizes. Because let’s be honest: you weren’t planning on actually wearing a shirt this Halloween anyways, so this list is perfect for you! Throw on a speedo, slap on some paint and BAM! You’re set for a night full of treating (minus the tricks)!

Photo: Instagram (@wootybooty)

1. Cookies (and milk)

Photo: Instagram (@thirdkingiii)

2. Mickey Mouse & 3. The Tinman

Photo: Instagram (@wootybooty)

4. Mermen

Photo: Instagram (@waterman0)

5. Nemo & 6. Dory

Photo: Instagram (@tn2sd)

7. Ken

Photo: Instagram (@waterman0)

8. Every superhero ever

Photo: Instagram (@gaysupers)

9. A circus performer

Photo: Instagram (waterman0)

10. Mario & 11. Luigi

Photo: Instagram (@fl927)

12. Fallen angels

Photo: Instagram (@neverlandparties)

13. A police officer (and an inmate)

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