11 Reasons Gay Guys Should Be Stoked That Fall Is Finally Upon Us

Summer may be long gone, but there is no reason to fret! It’s time to put the Speedos and sandals away and prepare for the best damn season of the year. As someone who grew up in Los Angeles, I didn’t understand why everyone seemed to obsess over fall, but since moving to the East Coast almost a decade ago, I can safely say that I get the hype. Fall is fantastic, especially for us East Coasters. So here are 11 reasons why all gay men should be stoked for autumn!

1. Sweaters

It’s sweater weather. And there’s nothing we love more than buying and wearing the sweater our grandpa donated to Goodwill just a week before.

2. Halloween (a.k.a. Gay Christmas!)

Also known as Gay Christmas, Halloween is a favorite among the gays. It’s the one day a year we can be as slutty and ridiculous as we want sans judgment. And it’s fun as hell to dress up.

3. PSLs

Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks (obvi) are such a guilty pleasure for so many people. You hate how much you secretly love them. Don’t worry, you basic bitch you. Your secret is safe with us!

4. You no longer have to worry about your swimsuit body

Tired of feeling self-conscious? Does it seem like every other single gay guy has a six pack while you’re just like, a healthy, normal-looking dude? Fear no longer, because the Speedos and the abs are being put away! Drink all the pumpkin spice lattes you want without worrying about sugar and calories!

5. Boots

We can start wearing boots again. The summer may be all about sandals and boat shoes, but autumn is for sexy leather boots. Time to whip those bad boys out of the closet!

6. Alcoholic fall beverages

I’m talking apple ciders, hot toddies, and any cranberry cocktail your heart desires.

7. It’s beard season

Boys with beards are the best!! *cue panty drop.* Aren’t obsessed with boys with beards, you say?

8. Cozying up/cuddling

You no longer need to go out all the time. The number of parties you want to attend is fading, and the beach is going to be off limits any day now. It’s time to grab a boy to prepare for cuffing season.

9. The boys are back in town

Everyone was traveling during the summer. Going to Ptown, Fire Island, Palm Beach, or wherever. Finally, everyone is back in town, and you can hang out with your whole crew again.

10. Your favorite TV shows are back on

After Labor Day, a ton of good shows come back on the air. Netflix has kinda changed the game a little by releasing entire seasons of shows whenever they damn well please, but nevertheless, there are still a ton of great series that start in the fall. Notable mentions include Big MouthDaredevilDancing QueenManiac, and soooooo much more.

11. You can go on the cutest damn dates

There are so many more cute dates ideas you can do in the fall, and while there’s obviously nothing inherently gay about apple picking, I swear to God, I felt like the biggest queer of my life when my last boyfriend and I went to an orchard. It was so cute and sooooo much fun.

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