Matt Williams for Gregg Homme Underwear

Waoww! That’s a long time I didn’t find out a new model who is as hot as Matt is! This guy is outrageously beautiful. Well I say that because he’s definitively my type, but tell me you share my view cause I think the guy is totally hot for most of you (if you are gay, if you are a girl and I assume even if you are a straight man).

Matthew Williams is now 29, he was born in Galveston,Texas on April 20, 1989. He has 2 older brothers and an older sister. His awesome body is the result of his practice of outdoor sports, specially baseball and a lot of beach activities.

He modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch and was remarked by Bruce Weber, the famous photographer who works regularly for A&F .


Matt by his well shaped body has been very successful in Underwear campaign and he is proud to show almost everything in a Gregg Homme Underwear campaign. In this post you will discover that he is not shy to reveal his anatomy even if he’s not going for full frontal, the close-up are clearly suggesting the most private parts of his awesome body.
But please you can just look and don’t fancy too much, the guy is taken and in love with a beautiful girl. Sorry guys, sorry girls! You can just wait for the ending of his love story… but there is very little hope, they look so in love! Few pictures of the couple are included here after.


As I said earlier, we can just fancy Matt by looking the gorgeous hunk. the lucky one is Haley Giraldo who is dating the model since october 2014. And they look very happy together. Here are some pictures from their Instagram accounts.



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