Kebab 49

Kebab 49

5308 Dundas St W, Etobicoke


Kebab 49 is a family-run restaurant serving massive plates of Turkish kebabs, doner, and pides with high quality meats.

Opened by the Solmaz family in 2012, the restaurant offers filling meals just steps from Kipling station.

It’s a casual sit-down spot on a busy area of Dundas. You can either take out your meal or dine in while watching some old school Turkish movies on the corner TV featuring Kemal Sunal.

Fayik Solmaz, who has been a butcher for over 50 years, works with his son Oguzhan and several other cooks in the back preparing kebabs and spits of meat while his daughter Aycha runs the front.

Turkish doner kebab has historically been the original inspiration of rotating spit meats worldwide, so you know it’s good.

Pides emerge from the oven, which heats up to 700 C degrees.

After baking the pides are topped with a mix of meats, veggies, and cheese to make up the restaurant’s extensive Turkish pizza menu.

The lamb minced pide ($15.99) comes with diced lamb, red and green peppers, and tomatoes.

Beyti sarma ($21.99), the popular dish in Istanbul named after its namesake, the Beyti restaurant, are flat bread wraps filled with ground veal and lamb.

It comes with a huge portion of yogurt on the side, plus rice and salad.

The lamb beyti rolls ($26.99) offer two skewers of boneless Ontario lamb back, which is cut in rounds and served with rice, bread and salad.

A mixed plate of veal, lamb, and chicken doner kebabs ($19.99) is a massive portion served with rice, soft bread and beet-filled salad.

And the juicy lamb doner plate is a delicious plate of rice that’s absolutely delicious, and comes with fried green jalapeño pepper.

Kebab 49 also makes their own sweet desserts, like trays of sweet baklava covered in pistachio.

But the absolute show winner here is the pan of kunafeh, the popular dessert filled with stringy mozzarella, topped with crushed pistachios and doused in housemade syrup.

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