Ipanema, Copacabana, we all know these legendary names of the most famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

The two beaches are next to each other.

Copacabana is in the Top 10 of the most famous beaches of the World. It over 4 kms long with pristine and spotless white sand . You can have access to a lot of local accommodation and they are proposed at very reasonable prices.

The a outdoor activities include volleyball, water sports and at night you can join the beach party. Every where in Copacabana you can play and enjoy the futevolei which means foot volleyball.



The Gay Beaches  :Ipanema is also recirded as one of the most famous gay beach. The spot is located at the east of cross-street Farme de Amoedo. As the beach vendors display rainbow flags as a tribute to their faithful customers, one can easily identify the place  . In the summer this area can be extremely crowded, on Sundays it is even hard to walk your way to the sea.  Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rental in this place and you can ask for a soothing massage, or buy a sip a fresh coconut water or a caipirinha. The place being very friendly for the community, it is very easy to make friends with the Brazilian guys over there.

Ipanema Beach: After Copacabana, if you continue along the coast you will find  Ipanema. Ipanema is known as being a little more sedate than Copacabana. Although this is more famously known as the “family beach” among Brazil beaches, it is nonetheless the beach to go to if you want to see the girls and the guys parading the latest designs in tropical swimwear. Indeed Ipanema beach is the spiritual home of the “tangas” – the mini-bikini! Activities on Ipanema beach include the traditional Brazilian favorite of volleyball. However, Ipanema”s outstanding soft white sand and cool blue water make this beach very popular for those wishing to do a little swimming with their sunbathing.

Coqueirão (in Ipanema) is the other gay-friendly spot nearby is in front of Coqueirão, the tallest coconut tree near lifeguard station Posto 9. This is a mixed area, so you will not see as many gay and lesbian couples kissing or holding hands. Yet some local gay hotties prefer to go there. Gay Farme became so famous, that on summer weekends it is sort of touristy.

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