We are READY.

The world may be falling apart, but at least we’ll all go down with another spectacular show from Madonna – or so the rumours go.

The Queen of Pop, who brought in 2019 with a rousing speech and performance at legendary New York gay bar the Stonewall Inn, is reportedly planning to head back on the road this year with a mammoth world tour.

Madona’s latest show comes as the 60-year-old superstar prepares to release new music and the follow-up to 2015’s Rebel Heart album, which was supported by its own globe-trotting show.

An ‘industry source’ told The Sun: “Madonna is really excited about performing her new music and has spared no expense with the production.

“There will be the usual army of dancers, slick lighting and even some pyrotechnics.

“She might be 60 but she works incredibly hard to keep her body in the best shape possible and plans to show it off in some amazing outfits, so fans can ex­pect an array of dram­atic costume changes.

“Of course she’ll treat revellers to a few of her classic hits too. She adores performing and loves to see her fans.

“She’s hugely professional and always puts on a mind-blowing show. It’s going to be the hottest ticket in town.”

With Madonna recording music of her new material in Lisbon, we can’t wait to see what surprises she’s got in store for us in 2019.


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