Uncensored Look At 2019 Greeks Come True Calendar (Trailer)

15 Greek hunks. 80 minutes of uncensored action. Are you ready?

Did you purchase the Greeks Come True 2019 Calendar? It’s nice having a Greek Adonis greeting you every morning, isn’t it? The Greeks Come True 2019 Making of Movie is a great companion piece. It takes you behind the scenes of the photoshoots.

Shot entirely in a Greek mountain farm, the fresh and powerful smell of wood gets twisted with the masculine force of fifteen real men and athletesfrom all around Greece who have to push their own limits, leave all inhibitions behind and pose completely naked for the master of photography, Vangelis Kyris.

This year, the video features 80 minutes of non-stopuncensored action like you’ve never seen before. Expect an unforgettable sight of sweaty workouts and games under the blazing sun, skinny-dipping in secluded waterfalls, Greek hunks getting drenched in an unexpected rain and much, much more.

Check out the trailer below. To purchase, click here.

Greeks Come True 2019 – Making of Movie Trailer

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