Chicago Elects First Black Lesbian Mayor, Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot has won the runoff for mayor of Chicago, making history.

She is now the only black woman to have held the office in Chicago, and the “highest ranking” openly LGBTQ mayor in America in terms of city size.

Lightfoot beat out 13 other candidates to win the title, finally going up directly against Toni Preckwinkle in a runoff yesterday. Preckwinkle is also black, and either woman’s win would have been a historical moment for the city.

“As the first openly LGBTQ woman of color to be elected mayor in any of America’s 100 largest cities and the first black woman to serve as Mayor of Chicago, Lightfoot is an inspiration to thousands of LGBTQ people of color who have a new role model in elected office,” said DNC chair Tom Perez.

Lightfoot ran on a progressive platform, and in her victory speech promised to “break this city’s endless cycle of corruption, and never again allow politicians to profit from their elected positions.”

“Together we can and will finally put the interests of our people, all of our people, ahead of the interests of a powerful few,” she continued, with both her wife and daughter joining her on stage.

The new mayor has never previously held an elected office, but worked as the head of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s reform task force prior to this. She has a complicated past in terms of police reform, which concerns some progressives, but many are hopeful she will bring the change the city needs.

“This historic win reaffirms that our diversity is our greatest strength, and that our elected leaders should reflect the diversity of the communities they represent,” Perez said. “I look forward to working with Mayor-elect Lightfoot as she fights to build a brighter future for all. The people of Chicago will be well served with her leadership.”

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