Russian teen hunts anti-gay predators in terrifying short film PYOTR495

It’s the perfect Halloween viewing…

Writer and director Black Mawson takes on homophobia in Russia in his new short film PYOTR495, which sees a group of anti-gay predators become prey as they’re hunted by a gay teen they’ve tortured.

Set in present-day Moscow, the film begins with 16-year-old Pyotr, played by Orphan Black’s Alex Ozerov, using dating app Hornet to talk to a potential hookup who turns out to be a member of a violent ultra-nationalist group.

Potyr is tied up and tortured by his homophobic attackers, but little do they know he’s hiding a dark secret that comes out to play when they push him too far…

It’s a horrific premise, but one that has its roots in reality, as gay people in Russia face constant fear under the country’s 2013 anti-gay propaganda law, which bans the ‘promotion’ of “non-traditional relationships” to minors and has encouraged discrimination.

Meanwhile, in the Russian republic of Chechnya, reports have emerged of gay men being rounded up by police and held in modern-day ‘concentration camps’, tortured, and even murdered because of their sexuality.

Watch the short film below.

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