To follow the results of the poll (see on the right side of this page… btw you can also participate and vote for the ethnicity of the guys you would like to see in the next posts!!), so to match the choice of the viewers this post is dedicated to American Hunks. For sure there is a quite wide diversity of ethnicities in the USA, as it is the nation who consists of a large range of immigrants who are now part of the American profile. But the selection done for this post will stick to the guys who still represent the American model seen by the rest of the world, who is a  man issued from at least one white parent.  I know this is just a part of America where Asians, Blacks and Latinos are now more and more representative of the American identity and have very awesome people!

The “fitness attitude” is well spread among gay population. Let’s go to Gym! Is a common occupation for gays.  So this post is illustrated by muscle guys who are sexy and attractive and a real match of the American gay men expectation. To tell you the truth, their awesome bodies are also very well perceived in the rest of the world!!!

Rick Day, the famous American photographer is probably the one who has better capture the sensuality of a muscled man body in almost nude men shots, leaving just few square inches of a brief tissue on the man body. To enhance the sexual appeal of the men, they  appear wet (is it water of sweat…? you don’t know so it is even more sexy )

Thomas Synnamon, another American photographer,  is following Rick Day style. His previous job was Fashion Model, so he knows well the topic and the men. His work is also very sensual and gay oriented, even if the approach is more sophisticated the guys are still very muscular and teasing.

For the blog’s viewers who also like to read and know more about a topic related to the post, I have included some articles about Fitness and Gay behavior. The first article is a short summary about a study published by the journal Evolution & Human Behaviour, and the second is a post of a gay blogger Daniel Culvey, who is no more active in his blog.


The drive among women and homosexual men to lose weight comes more from a competitive instinct than a personal one, new research suggests.

The study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, found that a natural competitive instinct forces people to compare themselves with those who are more successful than them. And in a society that equates thinness with youthfulness and attractiveness, competing against someone successful often means losing weight.

Researcher Norman Li told New Scientist magazine that the effect is likely evolutionary since western civilizations tend to gain weight as they age.

Li said that, evolutionarily speaking, it would have been good to remain young and nubile-looking as long as possible to attract mates.

“These findings support the idea that the ultimate explanation for eating disorders is related to intrasexual competition,” the study reads.

Interestingly, the effect was cancelled out for straight men and lesbian

women, though no reason for the anomaly was offered in the study.

Hot Men, Hot Muscles
There are so many of us who, at one time or another, become obsessed with fitness, the gym, and our body image.
I’m not speaking for all the world’s men, gay or straight, young or old.  But if you’ve visited any gym, you will see scores of these men pumping iron, checking themselves out in the mirror, and even in rare instances, actually talking to their muscles!   I am going to concentrate on gay men and how our fitness culture seems to define us.

Narcissus Nation

In fitness centers, some men are in great shape, flaunting their rippling washboard abs, others posing in such a way to accent their most prized body parts, and still others fluttering about, self-conscious of their age, their weight, or their self-labeled “average” looks.   But their generic purpose for being at the gym is where all of these people intersect:  to become healthier and more fit.

It is so common for men in every gay community to adopt a strict workout regimen, that it becomes almost understood that every gay man must workout somewhere.  One of the first questions when two gay men meet is: “Where do you work out?” — as if it is imperative that no homo is worthy unless he has at least one membership at a local gym. But a question that I sometimes pose rises way above this standard:

“Why do you work out?”

Toss that question at a guy right in the middle of a set of curls, and he’ll probably drop the dumbbells right on his toes in total shock.   But the most effective medium for this question is within yourself.  Ask yourself this question, and a whole new dimension to fitness suddenly unfolds!

Lookin’ for Fitness in All the Wrong Places

There are right and wrong reasons for weight training, bodybuilding, and body sculpting.  We often discover the true reasons behind fitness late in our gym “careers.”  In my late 20s, I discovered that I was also guilty of bastardizing exercise and fitness, and I realigned myself to a new purpose.  I discovered that the best reasons to engage in weight and cardio training is to stay healthy and to feel good!

But clearly, most men are skipping this function and working out for all the wrong reasons: to impress other men and compete with the physiques of other men, to pump up their bodies (particularly their abs) before a night of clubbing, to increase the chances of a night of hot sex, and to claim a social “presence” at the popular fitness club.  Worst of all, many men engage in fitness to quench the unquenchable:  their body image.

What is body image?

Body image includes our perception, imagination, emotions, and physical sensations of and about our own bodies. But body image is not seated in fact, and body image is almost always an internal struggle.
While those underpinning reasons above for working out may seem noble, they are all a lost cause.  The reason is that these motivating factors are all bred out of insecurity.  This fuels the anxiety that already exists within, which in many cases is eventually diagnosed as body dysmorphic disorder and/or narcissistic personality disorder.   Once a man is already awash in this storm of anxiety and mixed emotions, then exercise and fitness suddenly become a dreadful burden rather than an exciting pastime.

The Litmus Test

Here is a simple litmus test to determine a man’s true intentions at the gym:  Spot the infamous top-heavy physique. Look around and find just one gym member that fits that profile: a full-bodied torso and arms, but a seriously lacking set of legs.  Now look more closely, and you’ll most likely realize that well over half of all the men at your gym also slip into this profile as well.
A man neglecting the lower body is a common by-product of his working out solely for appearance, concentrating only on what is readily noticeable: the chest, the arms, and the abs.

Tossing the Monkey Wrench

Is there a way to grind this vicious cycle to a halt and encourage men to rethink their approach to keeping their bodies (and ergo their minds) healthy?  Of course there is.  Here is what you can do for yourself, and I can personally vouch for this method, as it has motivated me more than anything else ever has.

Take the more practical approach and watch how it changes the whole fitness scene:  Before an intense workout session, train yourself to work towards that extraordinary feeling that you get as you finish— that short euphoric phase at the end of vigorous exercise where you feel deeply satisfied and in perfect balance.  Then hit the gym hard, and stay focused upon your preplanned program for that evening. As your session ends, feel those natural endorphins (and other hormones!) kick in, and commit to memory that fantastic feeling of happiness and deep relaxation.

You may have noticed that I did not dispense and specific advice on how often to work out, what muscle groups to train in what order, or how many grams of protein you should be dumping down your throat.  This is because it is the frame of mind that I am preaching, which is the MOST important component to your workout, well beyond anything physical.

Back to Reality

Fortunately, by dropping the fantasies and narcissistic goals that plague most fitness freaks, you will be able to take responsibility for your own mental health, and consequently you’ll be able to effect any result you desire.  You’ll soon realize that focusing on your well-being and being sensitive to the way you feel will transform your workout into something that you truly enjoy and look forward to every time. By enjoying your workout in a non-competitive and healthy mindset, you will become far more effective at muscle building and fat burning.  And, reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass also creates an ideal hormonal environment in your system that keeps you feeling on top of the world every minute of each day.

o what is the winning combination?  My prescription is quite simple. First of all, you all look MARVELOUS just like you are.  Did you hear me?  Good. Now, continue with weight training and exercise to feel great and to achieve an extraordinary level of health.  Once you’re on that path, everything else will fall into place, including that sumptuous bonus of a gorgeous physique, and a smile that will make others melt.

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