LOV Toronto

LOV Toronto

620 King Street West  416.366.8568
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LOV is a totally vegan restaurant with their first location outside of Montreal here in Toronto.

Four previous locations are all in Montreal. LOV stands for Local, Organic and Vegan, principles the restaurant tries to adhere to in every way.

All locations have a similar feel in terms of design, spearheaded by Montrealer Jacinthe Piotte.

Even construction and design takes sustainability into account with repurposed window frames and a mix of live and fake plants.

A separate cafe and takeaway area has its own side entrance for quick and easy pickup of coffees made using Equator beans as well as takeout.

Dumplings feel a bit pricey at $14 considering it’s not incredibly difficult to find veggie or vegan dumplings in the city, but an almond butter kimchi dipping sauce absolutely knocks it out of the park.

The dumplings are a fair size too, stuffed with mushroom, leek, onion and cabbage and deep fried.

The LOV Wedge ($15) feels more worth it by comparison, with tempeh bacon and a gorgonzola made in house out of coconut oil, tofu and spirulina that both measure up to the real thing.

Other than that, it’s your standard thick slice of iceberg with house croutons, radish and a creamy, punchy house ranch made with vegan mayo, garlic and green onion.

Coconut Curry ($18) is rich and creamy, made in house with ginger, masala and cinnamon, plated over basmati rice and heaped with squash, potato, cashew and steamed kale.

General Tao Tofu ($17) is slightly less flavourful, pan-seared tofu and fresh veggies tossed in a house spicy hoisin sauce and plated over rice.

I won’t lie, I miss the seafood in a Poke Bowl ($15). Mango and avocado add richness and sweetness, but edamame, cucumber, nori, rice and house wasabi lemon and wakame tamari sauces are relatively bland otherwise. A pile of diced beetroot turns the dish into a hot pink mess by the time it’s finished.

An Insta-worthy Blue Lavender Latte literally costs a pretty penny at $6.50, made with your choice of milk, butterfly pea flower powder, and pitaya powder made from dragon fruit (which gives it its pink colour).

Galaxy Lemonade has an interactive element, a cold butterfly pea flower drink with ginger served with Greenhouse lemon juice on the side that changes the colour of the drink when poured in.

The space has about 80 seats for dining and 12 at the bar, plus 50 seats out on the patio.

Check out their well-known brunch as well.

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