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We’ve got douze points for these 12 insanely hot Eurovision hunks

Spring is finally here, and that means only one thing – Eurovision will soon be upon us!

Not only is this glittering song contest a whirlwind of colour, costumes, and camp, but it has also seen a frankly ridiculous number of smoking hot guys take to the stage in an effort to win votes. These 12 hunks certainly won ours…

Mans Zelmerlow

Sweden is famous for its meatballs, and with guys like hunky Mans Zelmerlow, who emerged victorious from Eurovision 2015 with his song Heroes, we can certainly see why. Not only does Mans sport a pleasing dusting of stubble across his immaculate jawline and rock-solid chest, he’s not shy about showing off, as you can see below how smoking hot he really is. This boy’s got brains as well as beauty. And the best bit? He’s by no means a closed shop – he once said that he would happily date another man “if he got the feeling”.


Alexander Rybak

To Norway, now (why are Scandi guys so freaking hot!?), where we find this adorable violin-playing smoothie. Alexander pounded the competition into total submission in Eurovision 2009 with his self-written song Fairytale, winning more points than any act ever at that point. Complete with a pair of twinkly eyes that we find it rather easy to get lost in, a gorgeously crafted just-out-of-bed mop of hair, and a well-honed body that just screams ‘long summer romps in the woods with the boy next door.


Dima Bilan

Russia’s track record on LGBT+ rights is pretty gross, but this tall, dark and handsome star, who took home the trophy for the country in 2008 is anything but. Dima Bilan’s song Believe won the most points of his year, and we certainly believe in this stud’s ability to get us pretty hot under the collar. Part horny window-cleaner, part heyday-era Johnny Depp – and certainly all rippling abs – Dima gets a resounding thumbs up from the Gay Times team.

And if you were worried Dima shares the homophobic views of his home country, he told us back in 2015 that it “doesn’t matter” to him if his fans are gay, because he thinks it’s “normal”. So there you go.


Joe and Jake

Heading a little closer to home now with Joe and Jake, who hail from good old Blighty. These two together form the loveliest pair you’ll see all week. The viewers of Eurovision 2016 weren’t quite as keen, however, awarding them 24th place, which is not the position we had in mind for them. We can only assume that’s because they never made good on fan requests for them to engage in a cheeky snog at the end of their act, with Jake having previously told The Sun: “If needs must – let’s not take anything off the table here.” We disagree – let’s take Jake off the table and into the bedroom (oh, and bring Joe too).


Douwe Bob

The Netherlands is the tolerant, freedom-loving capital of the world, and Douwe Bob, their country-singing act in the 2016 contest, is certainly pretty liberal when it comes to removing his clothes. This Dutch Johnny Cash is very much on the market after coming out as bi last year, and his cheeky grin, well-defined body and canvas of tats add up to a very complete package indeed. There’s nothing we’d love more than going Dutch on Douwe – a beauty in every way. (Oh and he has a little dog which he takes everywhere, too, in case you needed any more incentive).



Freddie, from Hungary, leaves us starving for more. His thick, luscious hair is just asking for your fingers to run lovingly through it, whilst he’s packing a rock-solid body and infectiously adorable smile. Another member of the 2016 squad (a classic year for hotties), Freddie came in 19th place in the contest, beating off (…if only) the UK’s Joe and Jake.



It’s hard to say that France’s Amir has a certain je ne sais quoi about him – because we know exactly what it is that makes him irresistible: an intoxicating smile, a great body and a sexy French twang to his singing voice. He could read the phone book and we’d dive in the sack with this Gallic gem – in fact, he could keep silent and we would anyway… But, quelle surprise, he wouldn’t be silent for long.



Another twosome who are anything but gruesome. We’re gonna say it loudly and proudly: these two are gorgeous, and the very best thing about them? There’s TWO of them. The possibilities boggle the mind, as does the fact that Jedward never lifted the Eurovision trophy despite trying twice, in 2011 and 2012. The cheeky peroxide pair are a perfectly formed double package, and the sensual, moody expressions they showed off during their new modelling career sent us wild. On top of all that, they’d keep us entertained all day long, in all sorts of ways. Jedward? Make ours a double.


Justs Sirmais

Hair! Stubble! Jaw! Latvian Justs Sirmais is more than enough for us. He loves leather, which is wonderful news, and his 2016 entry Heartbeat set our pulses racing in all the right ways. Plus those lips fire up the imagination something chronic. As we heard in his act in 2016, he knows exactly how to use them…


Donny Montell

Lithuania is a small country, but their act in 2012 and 2016, Donny Montell, makes a big impression on us. Aside from a rock-hard pair of nipples and a jaw so sharp you could cut yourself on it, we frequently find ourselves drowning in those ocean blue eyes. Plus, his two entries to the contest prove he’s not afraid to keep going until he gets it right.


Jessy Matador

Another fabulous Frenchman, Jessy Matador proved he has rhythm in his bones, after his insanely catchy Allez Ola Ola song finished 12 in the 2010 competition. Jessy has a big, gorgeous smile and a finely toned body, possibly through hours of working up a sweat with his insane shapes on stage. We’d love to see his moves a little closer up.


Eric Saade

We end where we began: Sweden – land of Abba, Ikea, and red hot hunks like Eric Saade. The country’s 2011 entrant sports chiselled good looks, and even more chiselled abs sprinkled with just the right amount of stubbly goodness. He also loves to model moody leather jackets which accentuate his boyish charms. Eric hits our spot and then some.

So there you have it. We’re taking a dip in the pool to cool off, and get our Union Jacks ready for this year’s contest in Kiev. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of fresh eye candy exploding onto this list when the contest is over.




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