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Which Country Lies About Their Penis Size The Most?

Apparently men down under, love to exaggerate things ‘down under.’ That’s according to a recent survey conducted by SaucyDates.com. Granted, a pool of 1,715 people (953 males and 762 females) isn’t huge, but still.

The dating website discovered Australian men seemed to exaggerate the most with regards to their junk. When asked the size of their penis, Aussie men claimed on average it measured 7.09 inches. However, women answered 5.58 inches when asked the size of the penis of the last man they had sex with. That represents a 17.5% exaggeration. Shady, shady, shady 😉American men were the next worst offenders with a 8.3% differential.

Inversely, Canadian men seemed to be the most honest. The difference between what men and women from Canada answered was a mere -1.6%. However, Indian men were the most modest. Men from the country that gave us the Kama Sutra undersold themselves by -3.8%. Globally, men lied about their goods by 5.6%.

Check out the infograph below and head to SaucyDates.com for more info.

Infographic courtesy of Saucydates.com



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